Developed estates

  • Mikołów, Kamionka, Kościuszki St.

    Mikołów, Kamionka, Kościuszki St.

    Plot of land on the area with production – warehouse Room with the usable area of 16,000 sq. m.The Room – steel construction, modular with the net of steel pillars every 18 m (7 naves), square shaped, of 7 m height, to the girder, with a concrete base, 5 entrance gates, facilitated with 5 overhead cranes (one with 2 end trucks 5 tones each and 4 with 3,2 tones). The premises is equipped with 2 transformers, each with power of 630 kVA with the possibility of turning on another (maximum

  • Bielsko-Biała, Komorowicka St.

    Bielsko-Biała, Komorowicka St.

    The whole plot of land has got very good location, situated in the north, industrial part of Bielsko-Biała with a quick drive, as well as to the road into Warsaw direction, as in the direction to the State border Cieszyn. The distance from the very centre of Bielsko-Biała is about 1 km. The land is hardened (with asphalt and cobbled surface), flat, fenced with full utilities. From the south side of the plot there is a siding. In the east part of the area there is possibility to build up a hall with ...

Undeveloped estates

  • "Jaworzno Silesia Golf"

    "Jaworzno Silesia Golf"

    We are glad to present you with the investment land of the area of 130 ha, designated for creating an 18-hole golf course of the master class - called Jaworzno Silesia Golf, together with a club building, a hotel and a residential part. The offered land is situated in Upper Silesia (4 mln citizens) in the north-eastern part of the city of Jaworzno, and it is very conveniently located - near A4 motorway (about 16 km away), which enables fast access to Katowice and Cracow, as well as to the S1 road (about 10

  • Katowice, RoĹşdzieńskiego Avenue

    Katowice, Roździeńskiego Avenue

    Plot of land situated in the area of Roździeńskiego Avenue , neighbouring directly with the car dealer Audi NOMA 2 with very good communication to the center of Katowice, to the road Katowice-Warszawa (Roździeńskiego Avenue) and also to the communication route to Mysłowice. The allotment is flat, hardened, of regular rectangular shape with the access to all the utility. The initial conception of spatial arrangement of the land for the purposes of office-service building was prepared, seven.

  • Ruda Śląska, Kokota St.

    Ruda Śląska, Kokota St.

    Flat land, undeveloped of a regular shape situated at the direct neighbourhood with A-4 motorway bordering with Zabrze – east part of the land adjoins to the entry/exit of the motorway. From the north side the plot of land neighbours with Kokota St. from the west it borders with Paderewskiego St. in Zabrze, which is the entry/exit from the allotment,

  • Ruda Śląska, 1 Maja Street

    Flat, undeveloped area constituting a dense complex of a shape resembling a trapezoid, located directly at 1 Maja Street in Ruda Śląska - eastern boundary of the plots. In the immediate neighbourhood of the described area there is a Tesco supermarket, and Bodzio furniture centre. The property has excellent communication links with main routes of the Silesian agglomeration: A4 motorway in the distance of 3.5 km, and the DTŚ express road connecting cities in Katowice agglomeration is 1.5 km away ...

  • Poznań, Umultowska St.

    Poznań, Umultowska St.

    Plot of land, undeveloped, situated in the area of Naramowice, close neighbourhood of Adam Mickiewicz University. For the described land the arrangement plan was prepared, which is to be facilitated with 6 blocks of flats, of the common usable space area 30.000 sq. meters. The land function: lack of arrangement plan, currently the administration procedures are being run for the build-up provisions of the investment,

  • Siemianowice Śląśkie, Oświęcimska St.

    Siemianowice Śląśkie, Oświęcimska St.

    The land directly neighbouring with the vast park complex, well communicated. The whole area of the flat, regular “L” shape for which the estimated figure of the usable flats area arrangement is at the level of 16.000 sq. meters. The land function: the allotment destined at the present study case provisional and spatial arrangement of Siemianowice Śląskie for the single and multi family housing estates and marked with the symbol...

  • ŁódĹş, Pomorska St.

    Łódź, Pomorska St.

    Flat plots, undeveloped of a regular rectangular shape. The purpose of the plot of land due to its direct location at Pomorska St. can have commercial character, among which are: Building of petrol station, shopping station, or can be destined for multi-family housing development. The purpose of the plot: There is no current spatial arrangement plan "In case of the lack of spatial arrangement plan, settling of arrangement ways and provisions of building up of the area is upon the decision of provisions of

  • Plots of land at Mazurian Lake District – Jagodziny, DąbrĂłwno District

    Plots of land at Mazurian Lake District – Jagodziny, DąbrĂłwno District

    The plot of land situated in Jagodziny city, Dąbrówno District, located in the south-west part of Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeship. Jagodziny is situated within the outskirts of Landscape Park, which encompasses the highest part of Garb Lubawski so called Dylewskie Hills. It is one of the most various, as far as its morphological values are concerned, territory of Mazurian Lake District, belonging, altogether with Wierzyca and Szeskie Hills, to the highest hills at Polish Lake District with the ...